Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Weep for the Poor ... Weep for your Beloved ... Weep for all the Pain & Suffering in this World and what awaits us in the Grave !

The Tongue may deceive in twisted words ...

But Tears are from the Heart ... they never Lie !

After all ...

" The Tear is the Dewdrop of Human Compassion ! "

So Weep my Friend ... Weep !

Monday, 2 January 2012

my handsome boy

handsome nyaa !! saya tahu orang kata tak handsome kan ? hahaa *sabar je la* takpe . saya suka dia . korang apa ada ? hahaha 
A real boyfriend knows how to
value a relationship.No matter
how many girls come, he doesn't
care. Because for him, his
girlfriend is the best.....♥

Trust is very fragile and has to be really taken care of when given to you. It should never be given to everybody just like a smile that can be given to everyone. Because once it’s broken, hundreds of smile won’t fix it.


I want to get out of the cold
immerse myself in the solar rays
of a peaceful, quiet place
a natural environ 
lush with
fragrant greenery
lyrical birdsong
and shimmering pools
that feeds my hungry soul
a comfortable space
a vibrant community
where creativity is alive
and all I have to offer is appreciated