Tuesday, 27 December 2011

“Never cry for any relationship in life…
It is because the one, whom you cry for, doesn’t deserve your tears.
And the one, who deserves you, will never let you cry…”
Girl: Babe I dont think I can sleep.
Boy: Why baby?
Girl: I don't know. I need your boring voice to put me to sleep. Wanna tell me a story? Hehehe.
Boy: Hahah, you're lucky that you're cute. How about I read you Dear John.
Girl: Sounds perfect.
- Boy reads Dear John-
- 15 minutes later-
Girl: *snores*
Boy: Babe?
Girl: *snores*
Boy: Hahaha, you always knock out within 15 minutes. Your snores are cute. Babe, I really love you. I really do. Sometimes I might show that I dont give a fuck. But I do. I never want to lose you. I know it's cheesy, but this is how I feel. This is REAL. I know I'm not the best thing out there, but I'm trying to be one of your best ever. Thank you babe, thank you for choosing a messed up guy like me to be your boyfriend. Thank you for being mine. I honestly can't see myself with anyone else but you babe. I know I say I love you too many times, but each time I say it, my feeling grows more & more for you. Thanks for listening babe. I'll still be on the phone if you need anything. Goodnight babe & sweet dreams. I won't let the bed bugs bite you.
Dude do you really love your girlfriend ?
Because if you did, you wouldn’t be calling other girls cute or asking for other girls numbers and shit. Just because she isn’t there and you’re with your boys doesn’t mean you’re fucking single. If you don’t love her then stop telling her what she wants to hear because she probably deserves a lot more than fake love she needs the real thing
Moving on is like a sad song.
You have it on repeat. You go back to it even though it makes you sad because it’s so damn beautiful. You torture yourself and you don’t know why because it’s easy and it’s something your used to. After a while, the same routine gets tiring, the song gets old. You realize that there’s better songs, better people, and you finally press forward, leaving the past behind.
Can I ask you something?
Why do you put up with it? How can you see yourself with someone who only knows how to hurt you? Enlighten me please because I honestly don’t understand. You try so hard, and you put so much effort for this person, but what does he do? He takes you for granted. He pushes you away. He tells you he doesn’t need someone like you. Well screw him! How can you still smile and put up with this? You don’t deserve it. You deserve so much more, and it hurts me to see that you’re wasting your potential on someone who doesn’t see what you are. Beautiful, and worth it.
I hate it.
I hate it when I feel like I’m actually something to someone, and then it all crashes down right in front of me. Like it never existed. Like what we had was all just a fragment of a dream. Then I look back at how things used to be and I wonder where I went wrong. Where I could have done things differently. I look at those people now and they make it seem like their lives are better off without me. It hurts, but I just need to learn to move on and realize that people are only temporary.
Don’t call her cute
Because she probably hears that a lot.
Don’t call her beautiful
Because she might think you’re being too nice.
Don’t call her gorgeous
Because she might think you’re full of shit.

But instead,
She’ll laugh and that’s all you need to capture her attention.
Every girl likes a guy with a great sense of humor.
You know what I dislike?
When people act like they know you so well when they don’t. When they automatically assume they know everything, even when they didn’t hear your side of the story. Those people that constantly try to bring you down, just because they have nothing better to do with their lives. I dislike those people and feel sorry for them at the same time. I pity them for paying so much attention to other people’s business instead of their own.
Lasting Relationship ♥

Yeah, Everyone wants it, & Me, Honestly, I want us to last. I just don’t want to have a great couple of months with you and then it’s over, I don’t want to experience the feelings of being lost and hurt all over again. I just wanna be with you all the time, No matter what happens, No matter what challenges, or how hard our situation is, We”ll keep fighting for our love
You cry because he doesn't give a shit about you.
But did it every cross your mind that there might be someone crying out there because you don’t give a shit about them? There are people you don’t notice because you’re too busy taking care of your own business? Have you? 

Person likes you, you don’t like them back. You like one person, and that person doesn’t like you back. You know, it’s just a matter of time ‘till you find that person who will turn back, look at you and will love you with his own free will.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

best quotes

Too much words I can't explain
Too much pain I am hide from me
I missed when u hugged me
I missed when u angry to me
I need u beside me

U taught me about life
Don't be sad, don't be worry
Without you, I can't be what I am now

Time is pass
But u still on my heart
I love u 
love u forever

Saturday, 24 December 2011


hey babeh ! handsome2 kan mereka ? macam KPOP . tapi saya tak minat Kpop sebab kpop tak handsome . diorang ni lagi handsome . saya suka yang seluar putih ni yang cangkung tuh :) yang tengah2 berdiri tu pun sama . machoo je semua . spoting2 pulak tuh . sukanya saya <3


YAW ! my name is SYERIENA . cantik tak gambar kat atas tu ? hihi perasan sekejap . sebenarnya kakak saya yang edit kan tu :) I LOVE YOU SIS :) 
yes that is me :) comment okay :) i love this photo ever ! nampak smart . kalau tak edit tu macam mana lah rupa dia kan ? hehe , nak bajet sekejap . hahah . iloveyou

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


HEY ALL ! his name is MIERUL , nak tahu tak kenapa saya cakap dia cute ? sebab dia cute lah . korang jangan terpikat pulak . haha joke joke ..

muka baby face je tapi bila buat show je mesti dia kat belakang . siannya :( haishh ... his got pair of vampire teeth >< and i like that . tak tahu kenapa hamba Allah sorang ni cute sangat . anugerah Allah bagi dekat dia lah tu ..

dia ramai gila peminat , >< jealouseeenyaaaa !! <3<3 from me : syeriena <3 love you 

Friday, 9 December 2011


comingsoon <3 :) haha .23/12 hari yang paling istimewa buat aku . tapi tu belum tentu ada orang wish ke tidak . haha . ingat tau korang2 semua . haha . saya set kan kat sini je lah . biar sapa2 yang tengok tahu bila birthday saya kan . gambar ni kakak saya yang edit kan :) comel kan . siap letak nama saya lagi tu . haha . thankyou sister . ni bermakna die ingat birthday aku dah nak dekat . dia yang suruh letak gambar ni kat blogger saya . sweet tak kami ? haha . comel je kek kat atas tu walaipun senget benget . haha . lambat betul la birthday saya ni . huh =,= . hahah . dah di takdirkan keluar haritu nak buat macam mana kan .haha . sapa punya birthday bulan desember ? i love you :) haha